About Us and Harvey

Classy Camper Events was started in 2011 by Sarah and Phil Heaton.

We have lived in Bristol all our lives and have always been passionate about vintage VW vehicles.

In 2011 we decided to combine our love of cocktails and interest in campervans to create Harvey, our 1960 split screen bar.

Over the last few years we have provided delicious cocktails at private parties, served at lots of festivals, loads of  weddings as well as some corporate party events.

Harvey is a well travelled VW split screen van. Built in Germany in 1960, he was exported to Arizona, USA where he lived until we bought him to Bristol, England in 2011.

He was in a sorry state, with bullet holes through the windscreen, wheel arches enlarged to allow for fat tyres (it was all the rage in 1970 America!), a bit of rust and plenty of dents. Perfect for creating a cocktail bar, we thought.

So began six months of restoration and carving up to provide the hinged roof and space for fridges and ice makers that we have now. Lots of late nights, blood, sweat and tears has created this wonderful vehicle that provides a unique focal point for any event.